A Tech world – Boon or Bane

Date: 5 July 2018, Category: Tech News

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for developing, tools, machinery and devices used usually by industries. In today world humans cannot survive without technology. They breathe into technology. Technology has revolutionized the nation to the largest extent. Televisions, laptops, computers, mobile phones are all technological. Technology keeps getting improvised and advanced each day. Businesses and organizations can save cost and time on production with the help of technology. Medical technologies have equally gained more significance in human lives. Technology continues to transform in the professional world and people like being abreast of the technological gadgets.

Initially, we only had simple user-friendly phone and television sets, but now we spend money on smartphones, pads, smart television, which are so cool for people. Let’s take a simple example of the email.

Back then, we had post offices through which we used to send handwritten letters to our near and dear ones. But now with the help of a computer, the messages can be sent through the internet to anybody around the world. Communication has become so easy and convenient for the common man.

Difference between email and postal mail

Email is fastest as compared to traditional mail as it passes through the network. Whereas, post mail is sent via different modes of transport: bus, train, flight or through a human.

  1. Cost- It is easier and cheaper than postal mail.
  2. Speed-Recipients can receive messages from anybody around the world as long as you have the receivers email id. But, with postal mail, the mail will only reach one specified person with the help of the mailing address mentioned on the back of the mail.
  3. Accuracy- Mistakes can be corrected on electronic mail, by proofreading before sending it. However, with traditional mail, corrections cannot be done on the letter in dropped into the post box and sent to post office.

Pictures and Voice messages can be sent with the help of an internet connection, whereas it is difficult to send such information other than written through postal mail.

Computers have been one of the best technological advancements for many years. It serves as a pool of information. Computers have impacted society in an important way. People use computers to perform certain tasks easier. The internet has a massive source of information on which people thrive on each day. Children are equally equipped with gadgets and computers to play video games or do their homework’s. Every child these days are hooked up to the phones or laptops to surf information or play online. The numbers of computer fanatics keep increasing in number.

Following are the advantages of using a computer:

  1. One can find jobs online through different job portals
  2. Housewives enjoy reading multiple recipes to try on
  3. Pictures can be edited and uploaded for entertainment purposes. These pictures can be shared with friends or for work purpose,
  4. Important messages can be sent via mail to people across different locations at a click of a button
  5. Ticket bookings or hotel bookings can be performed online.
  6. People can use this medium to promote or sell their products through marketing
  7. Individuals can up online courses also known as e-learning courses to learn about a particular field.
  8. People can transfer a huge amount of money at ease by logging on to the websites on computers and smartphones.
  9. Computers serve as the best medium for students to gain learning in different aspects of studies.
  10. Computers have a built-in capacity to store and retrieve huge amounts of data. Data written or formed can also be corrected with the help of the computer.

When it comes to speed, accuracy, storage capacity, reliability and versatility computers definitely stand out. Without these computers, a person can be handicapped.

Extensive use of computers or any technology makes you an addict. It’s always good to balance your life with less use of computers or electronic gadgets as it affects your social and physical life to a great extent.

Technology has brought about a wide range of social networking sites, which is so addictive and disruptive at the same time. Our planet has never been so interconnected, as the social media has immersed the individuals in it. Technology has brought about so many social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, Vchat. All these applications have different features and look which increases the number of followers to it. People use electronic media as a safest confrontation method rather than face-to-face meetings. The networking sites have brought about a drastic change to personal lives of people. Some people treat it as a public platform to showcase their talent. Some have made their social life so visible to people, by posting about their daily routines and tasks, their whereabouts and friends.

Few of the things to keep in mind when using electronic media:

  1. Don’t reveal too much of yourself
  2. Don’t share your personal phone numbers or address to people
  3. Stay away from sharing your pictures with strangers.
  4. Balance yours with the right usage of the internet.

Computers are equally harmful in many ways: Health risks, unemployment, and wastage of time energy, withdrawal from social life, cybercrime, data security, privacy violations and impact to the environment.

Listed are few of the health risks with the use of computers:

  1. Sitting long hours in front of the gadget box can give you posture related injuries like muscle and joint pains, hand pain and spine injuries.
  2. Excessive use of staring at the computer screen can cause eye fatigue, eye irritation, blurred vision, an increase of eye power and eye-watering.
  3. Regular headaches, fatigue and weakness often come due to sitting long hours on your laptop or computer.
  4. Children can equally get affected with physical and psychological problems, with excessive use of computers.

Technology has definitely made a positive impact on our society and thrives to do so. It has made our lives easier. Communication has been one of the biggest developments in technology. However, it’s always advised to use it with moderation without hampering our social and physical lives.