Buying Guide for Large Digital Photo Frames

Date: 26 Nov 2018, Category: Technology

Digital photo frames marked a significant milestone in the world of photography. These days, it’s as if every American home owns at least one large digital photo frame . The features and digital frame design have also improved since the first time it entered the market.

So, over the years, it has become a more daunting task to choose a large digital picture frame that’s perfect for your home. In line with that, here’s a quick guide that provides you with insight as to what makes a great pick forlarge digital picture frames.

What Is A Digital Picture Frame?

Let’s learn what a digital picture frame is before discussing its necessary specifications. In simple terms, a digital picture frame is a small LCD monitor with the purpose of simulating traditional picture frames.

It works the same way as any photograph you see on your digital devices in the sense that it can be set to either portrait or landscape mode. The difference is that these digital frames don’t just stay on your phones or tablets. They can be hung on your wall or directly placed on one of your coffee tables.

Another great thing about large digital picture frames is that they have built-in memory as well as a memory card slot so you can quickly increase the storage capacity of the digital frame.

Unlike traditional picture frames, this one offers a dynamic play of your favorite photos. It’s like having a slideshow of your favorite memories in your living room.

As impressive as large digital picture frames sound, it’s essential for you to know all the appropriate features and specifications to guide you in choosing the right digital picture frame for your home.

Screen Size

The screen size is pretty basic. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting smaller frames, a lot of people are witnesses to the fact that larger sized digital picture frames are among the best choices.

Digital picture frames usually range from 3x5 to 10x12 inches, but we strongly suggest you look for frames that are within 7 to 8 inches.

A photo frame of this size would be a perfect fit for photos that are about 4x6 or 5x7. Of course, there are also digital picture frames that have a diagonal size of 20 inches.


Looking at photos won’t be any fun if they are in low resolution. It’s mostly recommended that when looking for a digital picture frame, you aim for a resolution of at least 800x600 or 800x480 pixels.

The Frame

This aspect revolves around the design and quality. The usual purpose of a picture frame is to beautify a particular portion of the house. In line with that, you’ll most likely want to look for a chic or modern-styled frame.

On the other side of the coin, frames are also made out of different materials. It could be made out of wood, plastic, or glass. You should be wary of what the frame is made out of because this is a determinant of the digital picture frame’s overall quality.

Image Quality

One factor in image quality is the resolution, but if you’re quite concerned with how your pictures will play out, we suggest you look for a large digital picture frame that comes with matte and non-reflective screens

Memory Card

Most digital picture frames have built-in storage. In line with that, you mostly won’t need a memory card, but if you need more photos to store in your frame, the most suggested storage capacity is 512 MB.


For the most convenient experience, you might want to get a digital picture frame that offers good connectivity options.

Some digital picture frames let you stick a USB so you can transfer the images from your computer to your digital picture frame.

Meanwhile, the newer versions of digital picture frames allow you to connect via Wi-Fi so you can directly upload your photos from your mobile device or laptop to your digital picture frame. .

There are a number of aspects you need to consider before purchasing a large digital photo frame , but among all that is listed in this guide, screen size, image quality, and resolution are three most essential factors you need to take note of since these are the primary aspects that can significantly impact your overall experience.