Important Tech Tips That You Should Know

Date: 5 June 2018, Category: Technology

Technology is Important in Any Business

People think that developing business strategies are very important. Before we indulge ourselves even with leadership issues in our business let us look at simple ways on how to make adjustments in our need for technology. Those that need more of the tech tips are the small businesses. We will discuss ways on how to eliminate obstacles in how we use technology so we can focus more on strategies to gain more profit in our business.

Sharing and Exporting Files

Whatever software you are using for your bookkeeping you should know the right way to export to a spreadsheet such as Excel. Through this, the consultant can review your financial report with ease and need not charge you in reentering manually the data. You should check that most software that produces financial reports have “Export” or “Save As” option. You should be aware ofthat feature to save money and facilitate what should be done in your financial situation.

Everyone wants that the document they send for review such as business plans, resumes, or reports should arrive at the receiver appearing exactly the way they sent it. People also want their documents to be protected from any alteration, be it accidental or maliciously done. The best way to address all of these concerns is by saving the reports or documents into a PDF file. If it is saved as a PDF file and locked, it will appear exactly the way you sent it and will not be altered easily. Most graphics and office software that are new versions can be exported, saved and printed as a PDF Format. It is good to know that there are shareware and freeware that can be downloaded to convert your photos or documents into a PDF file.

You Should Be Systematic with your files and folders

Have you experienced looking for a file in a particular folder and not finding it there? You know what, the next time you look for that file you will surely access that folder once again. That is the nature of all people using a computer. So, when you find the file that you are looking for, you should place it to the folder that you first accessed to find it.

When you name your files, you should do it in a standard format so it will tell you what it is for and it is sorted properly each time you access the folder. It would be best to use the date that you created the file most especially if you have numerous versions of it. An example of a name of a file would be – 2018-07-02-businessplan.doc. After you have done that in naming the files, the sort criteria should be set to “date” and select the “most recent first.” The next time you access the folder, the newest modified file will be on top.

Always have a Backup

For some, this topic could be boring. I can sense that a lot of people don’t have a backup for their stuff. This could cause a lot of trouble in the future. We are so lucky today that there are numerous backup solutions available.

Use the auto-save function of your software if it has that feature. If you don’t use it and something happens with your computer, you will have to redo everything from the time you have last saved the file. I always write articles and I am thankful that the MSWord has this feature. I don’t worry about what will happen because of the auto-save feature and I focus all my attention on how to make the article I am writing really good.

We are really progressing and in the past, the external hard drives don’t exist yet. I use my external hard drive as my backup. Another Backup system that you can use is an off-site network. There are even backup systems that work even while you are sleeping. I think there is no excuse that we don’t utilize the backup systems available today to prevent any trouble from occurring.

A great backup that you can also use is your smartphone. Isn’t that remarkable? It is good for us to know that it can store or save our calendar and contact list. A smartphone doesn’t only store your calendar and contact information but also keeps it up to date. Another fascinating thing about it is that it has a software that will synchronize its data with your personal computer. You are assured that your smartphone and your main computer has the same contact list of information and calendar.

Learn more About the Software that you already have

There are some business organizations that are willing to buy a particular software because they think that it will solve the specific issue that they have. The problem is that most of the features of the software that they are planning to purchase are of no use to the business that they have. This happens most of the time. Just think of the return on investment of the expensive software that they plan to buy. It is actually not practical because of the time for training and most of all the large amount of money that they are going to spend.

Did you know that most of the software that you have might be able to solve most of the issues of your business? You just have to learn the basic and advanced features of the software that you have. There are some individuals or businesses that don’t read the tutorials of their software. You will be surprised by what your existing software can do.

It could happen that there is a missing functionality in the software that you have but if you look online there must be a freeware that is available with regard to that. All you need to do is download it and use it to solve the particular issue that you have with your business. The lack of the functionalities in a particular software is usually fixed and the company who created it gives out the freeware for you to download it online.